About Us

The White Rose University Consortium facilitates collaboration in research, learning and teaching, and public engagement between the Universities of York, Leeds and Sheffield. Together, these three world-leading universities boast an exceptional concentration of scholars working in the interdisciplinary area of South Asian Studies.

Encouraging Interdisciplinarity

Our network includes scholars and postgraduate students from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. We have particular strengths in South Asian history, literature, politics, geography, sociology and religion, urban studies and town planning, landscape architecture, education and nursing

Supporting Research

Research collaborations and postgraduate supervision are facilitated through overlapping interests in five areas of thematic distinctiveness:

  • Travel, migration and diaspora
  • Writing and representation
  • Health, medicine and the body
  • Gender, sexuality and the family
  • Citizenship, voting and the state
  • Delivering Resources

The White Rose Universities have a wealth of archival and community resources providing the basis of a northern hub around South Asian Studies. These resources include growing archival collections in the form of collected series of correspondence, digital collections and online archives.

Connecting Communities

The White Rose region has a number of community, cultural and religious institutions with which our scholars are linked to further South Asian Studies. Among them are the Bradford Literature Festival, South Asian Arts UK, and the Hindu Samaj.